Macbeth is a loyal general to the Scottish King Duncan. Macbeth meets three witches who prophesied that he would be king. Macbeth no longer remains loyal to Duncan. Macbeth and his wife come up with a plot to kill the king. They invite him over to their castle and murder him in a room where he rests. Macbeth is plagued with guilt. When Duncan's murder is discovered, Duncan's sons flee the castle. In order to secure the throne, Macbeth orders assasins to kill the other general Banquo who is eligible to take the throne. The assasins kill Banquo. Shortly after Macbeth is haunted by Banquo's ghost. Meanwhile Macduff, a Scottish nobleman suspects Macbeth killed Duncan and Banquo to claim the throne. Macduff speaks to Malcolm, the rightful heir, and together they combine their forces to fight Macbeth. When Macbeth learns Macduff has committed treason, he kills Macduff's family. When Macduff hears that his family is murdered he wants to kill Macbeth even more. With ten thousand troops at Macbeth's castle gates, Macbeth begins to worry and the battle begins. When Macduff confronts Macbeth, Macduff kills him and chops off his head. The throne is then restored to Malcolm.


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